Singapore Booklice Treatment

Booklice are pest that exists 295 million years ago! These pests thrive in the warmer and moist conditions in Singapore. Once they get into your kitchen, booklice will contaminate exposed foods, posing health risks to your family.

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Psocids, also known as booklice, are common pests in Singapore homes. They prefer to stay in new homes, and they especially like to stay in homes with warm and moist conditions.  Even though they are harmless, booklice stick to building materials and adhere to them during construction. The good news is that these pests are not actual lice and they will die when the humidity in your house drops. However, some may survive longer. This requires you to engage a professional to get rid of them.


Booklice strive in warm and damp areas. Booklice feed on bookbinding glue, mould, mildew, dried starchy foods exposed to humidity and fungi. They are unable to survive in temperatures above 40°C so when your house increase in humidity, they will die off naturally. In the case they can’t, a treatment like superheated steam treatment will be use. It is highly effective and non-toxic solution. 


Booklice are attracted to areas of high humidity. High humidity is also required for the growth of mold, which is the primary food source for most booklice. Adult booklice will die during the winter or periods of dry, cooler weather. You can prevent booklice by the following:

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