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Effective methods to control and eradicate mosquitoes in your home and offices.

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Insects such as mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, and even ticks are perfect assassins. They move around quietly, biting unsuspecting victims. Their huge compound eyes detect movement easily. Their tiny proboscis specialize in piercing flesh and sucking blood. Most of their prey don’t even know they have been bitten, and when they do, the insect is already long gone, stalking their next prey.


Singapore is a tropical country with a warm and humid climate. It is thus a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes, where they are active throughout the year. Mosquitoes are active throughout the year.The 3 common mosquito species in Singapore includes the Aedes Mosquitoes, Anopheles Mosquitoes and Culex Mosquitoes.

Depending on the species, you can find them breeding in ground pool, tree holes and man-made containers, inside and outside houses, prefer clear water, ditches, water pool, blocked and stagnant drains, septic tanks.


While mosquitoes don’t manifest much as like other pest, they can be quite aggressive during certain period like the rainy season, during night time, potential breeding places, clutter and dirty places. So we cannot let our guard down. Below is a list of what attracts mosquitoes the most:

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