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​​​​​​​There are few types of blood meal biting insects commonly sighted in residential, such as bedbugs, animal fleas, rat fleas, mosquitoes, bird mites and etc. They don't bite for self defence. Unlike bees, warps and honet, they sting to defence their nest been disturbed.  Bedbug are warmth blood feeder, wingless with 3 pair of legs & harbourage indoor area such as mattress seam, wire casing, aircon trunking, cracks and cervices. Bedbug do not really move independantly from a house to another house. The infestation were introduced to a new premises by human transportation. WTG is a one stop pest solution. 

Bedbug can lives up to 8 months and lay up to 500 eggs in her live span. The eggs usually sticky white in colour & 7 days incubation period before hatched. It is advised not to DIY as it may cause the pest professional harder to treat. 

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Booklice are tiny insects commonly sighted crawling on the wall, ceiling and other parts of household.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Booklice also known as psocids, although are not true lice and they don't bite, but their saliver and dropping may cause skin irritation and respiratory inflamation. Booklice feed on fungi or mold on the wall or ceiling. They look brownish black similarly to pen dot size that move slow. The occurance usually due to poor quality of paint work, weather, water seepage, aircon leakage and sudden room temperature condensation changes. WTG provides 100% effective solution. Call our 24 hour hotline 97819797.

They are transported from carton boxes & furnitures probably had been stored in warehouse for a long period. Their survival mainly depend on the condition of the wall & ceiling contaminated with fungi & mould. White lice, woodlice & hair lice also can be similar to booklice . 

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​​​​​​​Few types of pests are commonly mistaken as subterranean termite. They are drywood termite, powder post beetle and woodlice. Although their damage is similarity, only subterranean termite is controlled by a queen. A well productive matured queen can lay 30,000 eggs a day. Termite invasion to property through concealled wire, floor traps and depression cracks in the structure. Damage can be significant to fixtures and fittings within month if left untreated. Several method can combat termite. One of the better application is using termite baiting system. WTG provides 100% most effective solution. Call our 24 hour hotline at 97819797 for more details.

We provides prevention and solution to termite proving before renovation is carried out, inspection contract and all termite treatment. Call 97819797 for more details.

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 Crawling & flying Insects

The most commonly sighted  crawling pest in tropical country residences area are ants and cockroaches. The invasions ocurred are usually unavoidable.  This is always due to bad weather and season breeding.

The most commonly sighted flying pest are bees, houseflies, mosqitoes, flying ants and flying termites. Shedded wings is a sign of nest breeding infestation. It is advisable to take immediate action.

Few tips: To keep the premises clean at all time. To ensure binchute well-maintained and all water traps properly flushed.

WTG is a one stop pest solution. Call 97819797 for more enqiries.


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 Other Pests

​​​​Rodents, snakes, bees and lizards are most unwelcome pest. Keep a look out during sudden change of weather, especially wet season that causes them to invade to home for shelter supply. 

Few Tips: Keep all doors & windows closed at all time especially near sewage-water piping area and check all water traps fully secured to prevent rodent and snake invasion. Lizards usually hide behind picture fame hanging on the wall, windows curtain, aircon blower and ceiling lightings. 

At WTG Pest Control, we are one solution for removal of unwanted pest.

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