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Termites are known for their ability to damage wooden structures and furniture. Stuck Windows or Doors are probably the 1st sign of termite infestation.

Are you seeking pest control services to deal with termites?

Termites are blind and live in dark places and they are social insects. They live in colonies with caste systems and each one of them has their own responsibility and role. Pheromone signals and head-banging causes them to communicate. When soldiers detect a threat, they clash their mandibles to warn the colony. The mud trail is created by the tress to keep them moist above ground. Termites are unable to survive in the open and Coptotermes gestroi is one of the most destructive subterranean pests in Singapore. So having an annual check up is often suggested to prevent damages that caused by the termites.


Look for signs of infestation such as mud tunnels, termite mounds, and other signs. The best time to look for signs of termite activity is early morning when the temperature is cooler and moisture is lower, but it’s still hot outside.

Focus your attention on crawl spaces, basements (if you have one), window frames and any cracks in the walls or foundation (even if the foundation isn’t wood).

You should check your house every three months, if you spot signs of termite activity, call termite exterminator immediately.


Termites can cause significant damage to your home or property if left untreated. In addition to being vigilant, we recommend scheduling annual inspections to help detect termite activity before they cause significant damage to your home or property. Other signs that you have termites include:

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